My little girl

Lyssna på texten! Jag blir otroligt rörd när jag lyssnar på den.

Now she's all grown up got her own two boys
Married a real good guy
She loves being a mom and wife

She asks me if I would stop by
Her husbands outta town the kids are driving her crazy
I said “I know what that's like”

But as I turned in
To the driveway
I can't believe my eyes
Smoke flames sirens
The kids were outside crying
The oldest said “grandpa mommy’s still inside”

Ohhh get out my way
I'm coming though
don't you know that that's my little girl
Neighbor said “no, nothing u can do”
But he's not a dad so he don't know
That I gotta get in there
she's gotta be somewhere
If I die tryin I don't care
Cause that's my little girl
(my baby girl)
that's my baby girl

I was never the one to be on time
For anything in my life
But that wasn't me this time


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